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CSS tab-size for a decent tab width indentation

I hate indenting code with spaces. It is illogical and crazy. Luckily every good editor for programming let us choose between space and tab indentation. The only problem of the tab indentation comes up on webpages because the html rendering usually shows 8 spaces for each tab (tab=character U+0009).

This problem force every intelligent supporter of the tab indentation ^_^ to trasform his code into space indentation before publishing it online.

Fortunately with the modern browser we have a choice:

pre { -moz-tab-size: 3; -o-tab-size: 3; tab-size: 3; } /* */

put it everywhere and save the world! ^_^
This will avoid the spreading of the virus called “space indentation” a virus that limits your liberty.
Help the resistance!

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