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Dokuwiki tab indentation

Do you think tab indentation gives more freedom and consumes less space on HD? Do you hate to spend time converting tabs to space indentation for publishing on your dokuwiki?

Easy peasy! If you use the default theme, open


(if you don't see basic.css edit basic.less)

and write down

pre { -moz-tab-size: 3; -o-tab-size: 3; tab-size: 3; } /* */

I did that on the top of the css file, just after the docblock, adding my comment ( so I can remember that is a customization.

Adding this kind of “bookmark” lets you retrieve all the customizations with a simple grep command on the dokuwiki dir or using the search function of your preferred editor/IDE (e.g. Eclipse). This is very helpful when you have to install a new version of dokuwiki.

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